Make your Dreams Come True with Augmented Reality!

After running the app using Augmented Reality, you can focus the camera lens on to the target image (newspaper, magazine, book, logo, etc.), then the digital customized content of the manufacturer, such as video, 3D model, and image will be displayed.

Developing Mobile Games and Software

Consulting and Providing Innovative and Interactive Advertising Solutions

Developing Mobile Applications

Developing a variety of mobile Applications tailored to the needs of the customers using the latest programming methods, interface, and unique user experience.

Developing Mobile Games

Developing various types and styles of mobile games using the most advanced game engines

Advertising Strategies Based on Augmented Reality Technology

Using Augmented Reality, you can see the final version of your project before the production process in a real environment. Furthermore, you can also analyze the circumstances to save time and money. You can create a virtual models of your product and get rid of the limitations and problems of physical replicas depreciation, displacement, distribution, etc.

Developing Virtual Reality Software

Developing the most sophisticated scenarios, virtual reality and Mixed reality software on mobile devices and virtual reality headsets.

Turn Your Idea into a Reality in the Shortest Possible Time

Developing Various Applications and Mobile Games on the Android and ios devices

Features and Capabilities

We Develop the apps you need with plenty of features and maximum efficiency.

Exclusive UI / UX Design

The ability to personalize the user interface and user experience

Managing Pages and app Menus

Ability to create various menus and pages in the form of tree structure and with the possibility of applying levels of access

Augmented Reality

The ability to view digital content (video, 3D model, image, etc.) onto the intended target image (magazine, book, logo)

Displaying HTML Content

The Possibility to put the text or content in HTML5 format in the app using the powerful text editor

Displaying RSS Content

Ability to read online news and announcements in RSS format and display it in the app

The Ability to Play Audio and Video Files

Ability to play audio and video files using the native tools of the device

Photo Gallery

The Ability to create a gallery to be displayed in the app and save images with details

Powerful Database

The ability to create different database types locally (store offline data on the device), remotely (store online data on the server) and receive information from other APIs.

Texting Messages and Chatting Online

The possibility to have a chat dialog plug in with the operator, a sending message system as well as a general chat system

Recruiting and Managing Members

The ability to define members through the server, to recruit members through the app, and to create user profiles

Sending Notifications

The ability to send notifications to users through Apple's APN service and Google's GCM service

Auto Update

The ability to update the app automatically when a new update is created

Watch the future with us


The activities of knowledge-based Enterprise Company of Manshoor Fanavari Farda include different areas of application and augmented reality system develop, mobile applications, and mobile games.
Here are some of the apps:

  • AR smile Stand
  • Recognize users' smiles and the presence of augmented reality football players and capture photos

  • Knowledge Stand
  • Interactive online question and answer game

  • VR Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Extinguisher Simulation at Mashhad Subway Station

  • Khorasan railway
  • Mobile application for Khorasan railway complex repair and maintenance department

  • Mehmoon Khoone
  • Provide Ads for short stays in villas, apartments and suites

  • Mashhad Metro
  • The augmented reality mobile application of Mashhad Metro With Gamification Method

  • The most comprehensive fitness application in IRAN / FITAB.IR

  • Nava Music
  • The Comprehensive Bank of Music, with over hundreds of pieces of relics, revelers

  • Mashhad Railway AR
  • Augmented Reality model of Khorasan railway with the possibility of displaying 3D model

  • Solar System VR
  • Solar System Virtual Reality application / Mashhad Municipality Danesh Park

  • Danesh Park
  • Augmented Reality Mobile App of Danesh Park / Municipality of Mashhad

  • Interactive AR Wall
  • Interactive Augmented Reality Wall of Danesh Park / Municipality of Mashhad

  • Bazaar Tower AR
  • Augmented Reality Display of Mashhad Sepah Tourism Complex in 3D model

  • AR Display
  • The first interactive visual augmented reality environment of IRAN / Telecom Expo 2015

  • Dena Automobile AR
  • Displaying the 3D augmented reality and Panoramic version of Dena / Telecom Expo 2015

  • Asiaban
  • Asiaban Mobile Game available on Android OS

  • Azadi Tower AR
  • Displaying 3D Augmented Reality View of Tehran's Azadi Tower

  • Fenjoon 24
  • Fenjoon 24 app available on Android Operating System

  • Mirase Mandegar
  • Displaying 3D Augmented Reality View of Khorasan Antiquities on the Cultural Heritage Catalog

  • science book AR
  • Displaying 3D Augmented Reality model of tutorial videos of experimental science book

  • Samen Institute
  • Mobile application of Samen Institute of Mashhad

  • Nimkat AR Furniture
  • Displaying 3D augmented reality of furniture, decoration and interior design of the building

Our Customers

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